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Cast and Crew

The on-screen team is getting put together as you read this, with Nancy Bishop at the helm to put together a great ensemble we have no doubt Game of Kings will bring the A-game to play. With John Bernard getting us on the right track with production and timelines we're in position to give The Game of Kings its wings in 2020. Featuring other industry heavy-weights your next best bet is to join the team.

Executive producers:
– Jean Pierre Le Calvez
– Todd Lundbohm
– Mary Robino

Producer: Maurizio Maria Bizzarri
Associate producer :Alessandro D’Amario
Line producer: John Bernard (Inception, Hunger Games, MIB, …) see IMDb
Casting director: Nancy Bishop (Mission impossible, The Bourne Identity, …) see IMDb
Co-producers: Marco Bizzarri and Demetri Jagger